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Let’s Bring the AI Revolution in Education

VIZN was founded in Aug 2021 out of a passion for serving Educational Institutes. VIZN, a new-age product masterfully incepted and designed by Klasy Innovations Pvt. Ltd., is India's first Al-enabled Academic Management System. This technological marvel makes every teacher, tutor and Educational Institute's job stress-free, trouble-free & helps them to improve the performance of every student effortlessly.

“Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders”

India’s tomorrow depends on the students that are studying in schools and colleges right now. The world is changing around them but the academic management system they are habituated with hasn’t changed at all. We want to nurture Educational Institutes by providing an extraordinary AI-based Academic Management System that can assist them in building a healthy and hassle-free educational ecosystem. This new-age academic management system is incepted to transform the way Educational Institutes are managed. Content is available freely in the market but it is disorganized. We want to give shape to this content and conduct SWOT analysis on the performance of each student with the help of AI. We want to transform the concept of teaching, coaching and learning with the help of AI and assisted by a human touch. We want to push tutors and Educational Institutes into the realm of futuristic learning. This ultra-modern AI platform will make sure that Educational Institutes will grow academically and deliver a better learning outcomes consistently.

Our Vision

Behind VIZN

Our Vision

To innovate continuously and transform the education ecosystem with AI and other advanced technologies

Our Mission

  • Make education contemporary, personalised and result-oriented

  • Analyse, strategize and deliver need-based learning guidance for every student and help them excel

  • Generate better value for educational institutions and all stakeholders to grow exponentially


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