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rAIse the level of your institute with VIZN

Make Your Student's Success a


Know your students better to make them shine brighter
  • Take a validity test & assess the academic level of each student

  • Strategically work on their academic weaknesses

  • Prepare a concise & customized educational roadmap for each student based on the result

  • Provide educational nourishment for better outcome

Get Closer to Your Academic


Bridges the academic gap of students
  • Evaluate the academic fitness of newly-passed students

  • Refamiliarize your students with the past academic concepts to make them learn better this year

  • Close the academic gap of students with reference videos, educational materials, practice tests, etc. to students

  • Restore their academic momentum

Help Your Students

gAIn the Edge

Set the right academic goals & attain success
For Students:
  • Set practical subject-wise academic targets for your students

  • Bring the best out of each student

For Teachers:
  • Set batch-wise targets to enhance teaching standards

  • Assist your teachers to understand students better in delivering excellent results

Ensures Learning Remains the

mAIn focus

Observe the digital behaviour of your students
  • Get a bifurcated report of the following- Screen time & Constructive Screen time

  • Tactically convert the Screen time of students into Constructive Screen time by prompting interest in academics

  • Analyses the student’s inclination towards the subject and studies the behaviour

  • Guide each student with different techniques to enhance their performance


Your Student's Academic IQ

Progress reports for the steep progress of your students
  • Produce 30+ analytical academic reports of each student

  • Get a detailed comparative report of a student’s own past performances

  • Focus on their academic shortcomings derived from accurate reports

  • Sharpen their performance and Make them exam-ready


Academic Excellence Tactically

Ensure total concept clarity in your students
For Students:
  • Eliminate curriculum clarity hurdles from the success path of each student

  • Understands the caliber-based academic needs of students

  • Timely suggests teachers to give Recap & Revision of chapters to students

  • Sharpen the comprehension level of students with the curriculum

  • intelligibility feature

SAIL to Success

Make Your Students

Carve a customized roadmap to excellence
  • Habituate students to an environment of learning and growing

  • Understand their academic necessities

  • Prepare a comprehensive & customized timetable for every student based on their strengths & weaknesses

  • Enhance the academic level of your institute with detailed planning & perfect execution

Get The Best Out of Your Student's


Adapt to the learning needs of your students with the power of AI
  • Recognize the academic fulfillments of students with the remediation tool

  • Perfect the academic imperfections of students by providing them specific

  • caliber-based academic nourishment

  • Adapt to their learning needs & send them reference videos, study material,

  • practice papers and level-3 questions

  • Nurture their educational growth with the help of AI

Give your management hassles to us

Fee Financing

  • Give your students an easy educational loan option

  • Lessen the burden of fees from the shoulders of parents

Lesson Planner

  • Plan the entire syllabus of the ongoing academic year in a few clicks

  • Notify students regarding every new lesson update

  • Monitor the progression of lessons easily

Timetable Management

  • Manage day-to-day operations of your institute smartly & digitally

  • Plan your entire day consisting of schedules, online and offline lectures, tests, etc.

Test Portal

  • Pre-schedule all tests in no time

  • Prepare multiple digital question papers easily

  • Generate MCQ & theoretical question papers of varying difficulty levels from 3 lakh+ questions

Hybrid Teaching

  • Schedule ‘n’ number of lectures with just a few clicks

  • Notify students about the scheduled lectures automatically

  • Record & Share the live recorded lectures to each student

Marks Management

  • Keep a comprehensive record of every student’s results

  • Trace the progress of each student

  • Adapt according to the complete progress report

Teachers’ Logbook

  • Track the progress of the syllabus & lectures in each batch

  • Generate systematic & graphical attendance reports for your convenience

Assignment Management

  • Give online and offline, objective and subjective assignments to students

  • Help teachers assess the assignments in just a few clicks

  • Assist teachers in delivering accurate learning solutions & unlock the door to unprecedented glory


  • Build a rich study library of photos, PDFs, videos and live lectures

  • Protect the library with privacy policies

  • Give 24*7 access to library to each student

Chat Box

  • Students can get their doubts cleared over chat box at any time

  • Students, teachers and institutes can chat without revealing their numbers

3 Lakh+ Objective & Subjective Questions

Give the power of ready-made content to your teachers

  • MHSB

  • CBSE

  • NEET

  • JEE

  • GSEB

  • GBSH

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